We love what we do.
Code is our passion.

The story behind the Code.

Simple Code is a development agency specializing in creating visually beautiful, code correct websites, web and mobile applications.

From the beginning, our agency has played a major role in numerous projects from various fields, ranging from education and tourism to complex healthcare solutions. We develop custom software solutions and focus on providing the highest quality to our clients. Our specialists transform customers’ ideas into practical product requirements, consummate the ideas and release high-performance, top-quality software products.

We strive to keep up with the latest development trends, use the latest tools and technology, adapt to industry standards and acquire new knowledge. Simply put – we are heroes in disguise!

Our technology stack.

A short list of frameworks/tools we use on a daily basis to improve the development workflow. We keep up with the latest trends in order to provide the best possible end-product to our customers.

Heroes in disguise.


CEO, Frontend Developer

By nature a night owl, in his spare time he loves to explore new wonders from the development world. Robert has been involved in numerous projects; from large-scale demanding ones to smaller, simpler ones.


Frontend Developer

An ambitious and reliable individual with a true passion for what he does. Bruno’s primary focus is frontend development, but he’s not afraid to work on anything containing the word “web” in its name.


Frontend Developer

A reward for team spirit and cheerfulness goes to Renato (or better known as Ruky). Meticulous and innovative when it comes to creating a perfect code and always tries to think out of the box.


UX/UI designer

They say unicorns do not exist, but we have one right here, shining brightly and always running around. Ivana specializes in UX, illustrations and making everyone’s day better.